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Co-Ed Soccer




The Shepherd Hill Soccer Clinic will give players an opportunity to develop their joy and skill for the game of soccer.  Younger grades will participate in a number of games that will help campers develop their joy for playing soccer, their ability to work in teams, and their skill to handle the ball.  Each game will give campers opportunities to practice dribbling, passing, and trapping.  For the Youth Soccer Clinic, the emphasis will be placed on having fun with the game of soccer.

            For the older campers, sessions will focus more on developing proper technique to improve individual skills, as well as developing teamwork on vision on the soccer field.  Early session will include soccer challenges, games, and obstacles courses will focus on passing, shooting, crossing, and dribbling.  During later sessions campers will participate in small sided games to learn how to “see the field” and work as a team to learn possession, defensive, and offensive strategies.  Campers will also compete throughout the week for the best performance on each skill drill (for example, the fastest dribble through the dribbling maze)



Cleats, Sneakers, Shorts, 


Socks and Shin Guards, 

Water Bottle