Cross Country / Track & Field

August 13 - August 16



Campers will be broken into age/grade appropriate groups.  Campers will be taught proper mechanics for stretching and dynamic warm-up each day.  Each camper will experience track & field events and gain instruction on all events by rotating through stations.  Each station will have a different focus and fundamentals specific to the event.   Each station will have specific drills to teach the camper proper technique to ensure safety.   Each day, the camper will gain knowledge and experience instruction on the progression of each specific event with the ultimate goal of the camper being able to perform the event with proper technique.  On the 4th day, the camper will experience a modified track meet to showcase their abilities and what they have learned in the sport of Track & Field during the clinic.

FEES: 4 Days: $80                                                   
    Fee Includes:

                  Individual Instruction

                  Guest Lecturers

                  Camp Evaluations

                  Sports Academy Gift                                       





    9am                Check in/ Dynamic Warm-Ups   

   9:30-11:30        Event Stations

   11:30               Cool down      
   1:55               Wrap-Up
   12 noon           Dismissal 




                                                REQUIRED EQUIPMENT

Sneakers, shorts, and t-shirts

Water bottle

hair in a pony tail

   (no jewelry please)

                                        EXTENDED DAY                                        

                                                                                   offered from

                                                                        8 am—9 am & 12 noon—1 pm

                                                                        ($10 additional fee per day)