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Non-Sport Clinic Activities

All Clinics are open to 
Boy’s and Girl’s Grades K-8


The Shepherd Hill Sports Academy Clinics will be held on the facilities located on the campus of Shepherd Hill Regional HS in Dudley, MA.


LEGO Engineering Program

Now offered TWICE!

In the Lego engineering clinic we have thousands of pieces to work with! At the beginning of each day, students will be given a Building challenge. Challenges include the following: Boats, Cars, Spaceships, Houses, etc. At the end of each session, students will have the opportunity to show their creation for that day and describe it to the group and take pictures.  At the end of each session the creations will be dismantled so that there are pieces available for the next day.

MAGIC! Program

Now offered TWICE!

Do you enjoy magic and card tricks?  MAGIC! Camp will introduce kids to the art of magic through watching, learning, and performing tricks of their own. This clinic will be taught by a tried and true student of magic!

Arts & Crafts Program 

Now offered TWICE!

The Shepherd Hill Arts & Crafts Camp is a skills building projects-based camp that exposes children to drawing, painting, and many other fun and creative projects. Each day will be a mystery as we will use different materials and techniques to create artistic projects that stimulate the imagination.

Nature/Environmental Program

ONE session

The Shepherd Hill Nature/Environmental summer camp will give kids the opportunity to learn about nature and the environment through interactive and hands-on activities, both indoors and out. The Shepherd Hill Sports Academy Nature/Environmental Camp will let children become junior environmentalists for the week and embark on a series of scientific discoveries and adventures!